Review: The Most Common Pet Health Problems Diagnosed by South Bellmore Veterinary Group

Just like humans, pets are subject to many of the same health problems we suffer from. These health issues need to be treated by your trusted veterinarian on a case-to-case basis depending on how serious the complication it brings to your pet.

If you notice any changes in behavior or signs of health problems with your pet, it is always best to seek treatment from an animal hospital that can provide the proper medical care they need. In South Bellmore Veterinary Group, they believe that a regular preventive care and early disease diagnosis are keys in keeping your pet healthy and fit.

Take a look at our list of the most common health problems we encounter every day at South Bellmore Veterinary Group. Some of these are mild issues while others need more advanced and delicate care.


Nowadays, obesity has become a serious health problem in pet and even in humans. Overfeeding and too little exercise are the two main cause of obesity. If your pet is obese then they risk developing all sorts of related conditions like heart disease, arthritis, liver disease and diabetes. Therefore, if you think your pet is overweight, visit your vet for feeding and exercise guidelines that can help your pet successfully lose weight.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a lifelong disorder similar to human diabetes. This illness can be controlled with a diet plan and exercise, however, some severe cases require regular insulin shots. Bring your pet to a veterinarian for diagnosis if symptoms like excessive thirst, vomiting, change in appetite, weakness and weight loss are evident.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are two of the most common external parasites who unwelcomingly live on your pet’s fur. This creepy crawlies carry serious threats that can cause severe skin disease and itching which gives nuisance and discomfort both for the owner and their pet. Ask your vet for advice on various treatment options for this kind of health issue.

Dental Disease

Pets can develop tartar, cavities and gum disease more often than in people. If not routinely cleaned by a professional, will likely cause heart disease, diabetes and other forms of bodily organ damage. Most common symptoms of the dental disease are bad breath, swelling of the face, salivating and decrease appetite.


Heartworm is much more common in dogs but pet cats can also acquire this potentially deadly disease. This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, if infected and left untreated, heartworm infestation can lead to heart failure and death of your pet. Therefore, the best way to keep your pet away from this parasite is through monthly preventative measures.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

If your pet experiences regular vomiting and persistent diarrhea, there could be a number of reasons. Sometimes, vomiting is normal and could have been something from what your dog ate, a change in diet or due to an allergic reaction. But in other cases it can be a serious illness, if it continues for more than a day or two with a change in your pet’s behavior, bring him to your veterinarian.

Kennel Cough

A kennel cough is a respiratory infection that can be transmitted through interaction from others and with symptoms like a strong cough, sneezing, runny nose, lethargy and lack of appetite. Most of the time it is not a serious condition and can easily be treated by giving them rest and plenty of nutritious food and water. Medications are prescribed by vets to speed up the recovery process from this illness.

Broken Bones

There are a number of reasons that may lead to a fractured bone. It may be due to an accident, jumping or falling from a height. Your pet may likely not show that they are fractured and in pain, so keep an eye out for things like limping and whining which are two strong indications of a fractured bone. Treatment for this condition often includes surgery, splint or a cast. Highly-skilled veterinary surgeons of South Bellmore Veterinary Group often perform a full complement orthopedic procedure such as fracture repair and cranial cruciate repair.

Aside from surgical services, South Bellmore Veterinary Group offers veterinary services too, such as dental cleaning, eye and ear care treatment, external parasites preventatives, vaccines and many more. They are a recognized animal hospital from Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn. Visit their website and make an appointment today.



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